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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

How to Apply

There are two steps to apply for a state job, including all the jobs with the Employment Development Department (EDD). Every civil service position requires that you take an exam before you are appointed to a position. The exam process is most likely unfamiliar unless you have applied for other state jobs before. Before proceeding to apply, we recommend that you look over the steps below.

Step 1 – Establish Eligibility

In order to apply for employment with the State of California, you must first obtain eligibility by searching, applying and passing examinations.

  1. Search for an Exam: Search the State of California’s examination database for an exam in a classification for which you meet the minimum qualifications. For a listing of current EDD exams visit our open exams page.
  2. Apply for an Exam: Apply to take the examination according to the directions on the examination bulletin. The examination bulletin contains information on the admittance requirements, testing component(s) details, and how the resulting eligibility list will be used.
  3. Take the Exam: There may be one or more testing components you must successfully complete in order to pass the examination. Carefully review the examination bulletin to learn which testing component(s) will be used in the exam.
  4. Receive your Results: Upon successfully completing the examination, you will receive your examination results letter which informs you of your final score and the number of months you have eligibility. Once you have eligibility, go to step 2 of the process to apply for a job vacancy in this classification. If you take an online self-assessment exam your exam score will immediately be presented to you upon completion. Please make sure to print multiple copies of this page for your records.

Step 2 – Apply for a Vacancy

In order to be considered for a vacancy with the State of California, you must already have established eligibility for that classification by completing step one.

  1. Contact Letters: Departments may send out contact letters to individuals who have eligibility for current vacancies. Sometimes only a sample of individuals with eligibility for that classification will be sent a contact letter. If you receive a contact letter, follow the instructions on the letter to be considered for that vacant position.
  2. Search and Apply through the Careers in California Government page: If you have eligibility (as a result of completing Step 1 “Establish Eligibility” outlined above), you can seek employment through the following steps WITHOUT ever receiving a contact letter:
    1. Search the State of California’s vacancy database for vacancies in the classification you have established eligibility.
    2. Apply for the vacancy by submitting a State Application (STD 678). Please read the vacancy posting carefully as requirements for submitting your application may vary depending on the department with the vacancy. Please make sure to print a copy of the vacancy listing for your records as it may be removed.
    3. To prepare for a potential interview, find out about the mission/functions of the department. Review the duties and responsibilities on the job vacancy posting. If you are not selected, continue to apply for other job vacancies.