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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

LEAP Program

The Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP) is an alternate selection process designed to facilitate the recruitment and hiring of individuals with disabilities. It is intended to provide an alternative way to demonstrate qualifications for employment rather than the traditional state civil service exam process.

How to Apply for LEAP

Eligibility: To be eligible for a LEAP class exam, the Department of Rehabilitation must certify that you meet the disability requirements. You may contact the Department of Rehabilitation and speak with the Counselor to find out how to obtain LEAP certification. To find a local Department of Rehabilitation office, here are a few different options:

If you are a Rehabilitation Client, contact your counselor to determine your eligibility.

Apply for Exams: Once you have obtained your LEAP certification from the Department of Rehabilitation, you may apply for LEAP class examinations during open testing periods. In addition, you may continue to apply for traditional State examinations.

LEAP examination announcements are available at the State Personnel Board (SPB), the Department of Rehabilitation, the Employment Development Department, and many organizations serving individuals with disabilities. Your best option is to search for LEAP exams on the Careers in California Government website.


Once you have taken a LEAP exam for a particular classification you are eligible to start applying for job vacancies in that particular classification. After completing your exam you will be placed on a LEAP hiring list and will be reachable for the classification that you tested for. To start finding vacancies, visit Careers in California Government and search for the classification in which you have established eligibility. For more information on how to apply at EDD, visit the How to Apply page.


The LEAP examination consists of two parts: 1) a Readiness Evaluation, and 2) a Job Examination Period, which is performed on-the-job.

Part I – Readiness Evaluation: Your education, experience and personal qualifications will be evaluated through a competitive examination process to determine your readiness to work. The type of examination will be described on the examination bulletin.

Part II – Job Examination Period: Once hired, you will serve a temporary two (2) to four (4) month on-the-job performance evaluation period. A written review will be given every month of your evaluation period. If you meet performance standards, you pass your examination.

After successfully passing your examination, you will then be appointed to the regular civil service classification. The appointment could be permanent or limited term, depending on the position. You will then start the standard probationary period for that classification.


Visit the Exams Search Results page for a list of current LEAP exams being offered.