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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Phishing Scam Alert: Request to File for Unemployment Benefits

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Important Information about scams targeting businesses, people applying for or receiving Unemployment Insurance benefits, or people looking for a job.

Recently, a California applicant for unemployment insurance benefits received an e-mail from the Unemployment Advisory Department, e-mail address, stating that the applicant’s initial application for benefits was received, but not complete. It provided links to continue the unemployment filing process. This e-mail is a scam.

Sample Scam E-mail

This is a sample e-mail of the scam:

Subject:  Unemployment Request Received
From: Unemployment Advisory Department (

This email is to inform you that we have received your initial unemployment application request.

Our system indicated that you did not complete step 2, until you do, we will not be able to offer you any further assistance. You can either cancel your request, and we will delete your information, or you can go back to the registration form to continue.

To go back to the registration form, click below:
› Click here to continue your unemployment registration

Please understand that your chances of getting denied go up the longer you wait to submit your official application.

Don’t miss any of your benefit payments. Click the link and finish your application today:
› Click here for the unemployment registration form

Support Team
U.S. Benefits Online

You are receiving this email because you requested information online

If You Received This E-mail

Ignore it and do not click on the links as the website is requesting personal identifying information and credit card information. This is an identity theft scam. This scam has also been reported as being used in other states. The EDD did not send this e-mail and would never request personal identifying information using this method. Additionally, unemployment claims are filed directly through the EDD website, phone, mail, or fax and not through any third party services.

Please understand that you do not need to pay a fee to file for benefits and there is no need to share your confidential information with a third party to obtain unemployment insurance benefits.

At best, these websites are offering a service that you will pay for. At worst, they may be “phishing” schemes, ways to collect your personal information that could put you at risk for identity theft.

If you believe your identity has been compromised, please contact local law enforcement and take steps to protect your identity and that of your employees.

How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance Benefits

The EDD offers many ways to file for unemployment benefits. You can file at no-cost by visiting eApply4UI or via phone, mail, or fax.

Please note that many of these third party services also intentionally provide 1-800 phone numbers that are only one or two digits different from legitimate EDD phone numbers.