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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

How Benefits are Paid or Adjusted

How Benefits are Paid

When your claim is received, the PFL office will notify you of your weekly benefit amount and request any additional information needed to determine your eligibility. The Department generally issues benefit payments within 2 weeks after receiving a properly completed claim. The first seven days of your claim is a waiting period for which no benefits are paid with the exception that you may be transitioning from a DI pregnancy claim into a PFL bonding claim.

If you are eligible for further benefits, either additional payments will be issued automatically or you will receive a continued claim certification form for the next period. Usually the certification periods are for two weeks; however, the period will vary under certain circumstances. You will be paid 1/7 of your weekly benefit amount for each calendar day you are eligible and bonding or providing care unless benefits are reduced for some reason. (See “Benefit Reductions” below.) Benefits paid by the PFL program will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service and EDD will send you a 1099G in January of the following year. For more specific tax information, contact the Internal Revenue Service.

Benefit Reductions

Under certain circumstances, you may not be eligible for a period of your claim or you may be eligible only for partial benefits. The PFL office will determine whether or not benefits must be reduced. The types of income shown in the following list should be reported to PFL even though they may not always affect your benefits. Failure to report your income could result in an overpayment, penalties, and a false statement disqualification.

Benefit Interruption and Termination

A “Notice of Final Payment” will be issued when records show you have:

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