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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Change in Reporting Newly Hired or Rehired Employees

Effective January 1, 2013, the passage of new legislation now defines an individual as a rehire if the employer/employee relationship has ended and the returning individual had been separated from that same employer for at least 60 consecutive days. Employers are required by law to report all newly hired or rehired employees to the New Employee Registry (NER) within twenty (20) days of their start-of-work date. The start-of-work date is the first day services were performed for wages.

California children benefit from employers reporting new or rehired employees through the timely filing of the Report of New Employee(s) (DE 34). The information provided will assist the California Department of Child Support Services and the Department of Justice in locating parents to collect delinquent child support obligations. This key information will also result in early detection, prevention, and recovery of the Unemployment Insurance benefit overpayments.

Please refer to the Information Sheet: Reporting New Employees and Independent Contractors (DE 231Y) for more information.