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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

File and Pay

The Employment Development Department (EDD) allows employers and/or their agents to file reports and make payments online or by mail. Visit the Required Filings & Due Dates and Tax Payments & Due Dates pages for additional information to ensure compliance with California payroll tax law.

Keep up to date with any changes by visiting the Important Information, Updates, and Changes to Payroll Taxes page.

We also offer no-fee seminars to assist employers in complying with California’s payroll tax laws. Visit the Payroll Tax Seminars page to find available classroom seminars or online courses.

e-Services for Business (Recommended)

Employers and payroll agents can manage payroll tax accounts, file reports, make tax payments, register businesses, and more.

Advantages of e-Services for Business

For more information or to register, file, or pay visit e-Services for Business

File by Mail

Instructions for filing required forms and/or making deposits are available on the individual forms.

Commonly Used Forms