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The Employment Development Department (EDD) offers no-fee state payroll tax seminars, both classroom style and online courses. Both are designed to help employers comply with the state payroll tax laws. The classroom seminars are offered in a variety of locations throughout California. They are customized to benefit everyone - established businesses, those just getting started, individuals anticipating going into business, and payroll agents - and the instructors encourage audience participation. The online courses, on the other hand, allow you to learn on your timetable, at your own pace, wherever you choose to access the Internet.

e-Services for Business Video Tutorials

e-Services for Business Video Tutorials are available to assist in managing your account, including filing reports, making payments, and more.  These tutorials are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Library of Online Courses (Other courses are in development)

Employment Status (ES) Course
This course explains statutory and common law employment as it is applied by EDD and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This self-paced course provides an opportunity for employers to learn the basics of common law employment. The course covers the IRS three categories of evidence and illustrates how these categories match EDD’s one primary and ten secondary employment factors.

The ES Course contains six lessons:

  • Common Misconceptions
  • Classification of Workers
  • Common Law
  • Employee or Independent Contractor - An Example
  • Statutory Laws Affecting Employment Status
  • Resources to Assist You

The ES Course takes about 1.5 hours to complete. However, you can watch part of it and come back later. When the course opens, click on “Course Menu,” then “Printable Outline.” After printing the outline, check off each lesson or section as you complete it. When you come back, click on “Course Menu” then click on the next lesson you need.

For more information about the ES Course, please call (562) 903-4018.

System Requirements to Operate Employment Status (ES) Course
Intel Pentium processor or higher
Microsoft Windows 98, SE, 2000, Me, XP, NT 4, or later
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (or later) or Netscape 4.0 (or later)
High-speed Internet access recommended

Plugins Required
Macromedia Authorware Player - free download
Adobe Reader - free download

How to Complete a Payroll Tax Deposit, DE 88/DE 88ALL
There are two options: a mini-tutorial and a full course. The mini-tutorial takes approximately fifteen minutes to complete and the full course takes approximately 50 minutes.

  • Mini-tutorial
    This course allows the user to select any section of the DE 88 coupon and receive a brief explanation on how to properly complete it. It also provides a brief overview of the California payroll tax deposit requirements.
  • Full Course
    This course explains the purpose of the Payroll Tax Deposit coupon. It also covers the different deposit schedules and explains how the amount of accumulated California Personal Income Tax (PIT) withheld in conjunction with an employer’s IRS deposit schedule determines their EDD deposit frequency. It provides detailed information on properly completing each section of the Payroll Tax Deposit coupon and provides examples to reinforce the information taught. The course also provides information about alternate payment methods and additional resources to assist you in properly completing your Payroll Tax Deposit coupon.

For more information about the DE 88 tutorials, please call (707) 576-2054.

System Requirements to Operate How to Complete a Payroll Tax Deposit, DE 88/DE 88ALL Course
Windows 98 SE, 2000, XP
Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, or Mozilla Firefox 1.5, or Netscape Navigator 7.1
Minimum bandwidth requirement is 56 kb/sec

Mac OS X 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 (PPC/Intel)
Safari 1.1 or higher, or Mozilla Firefox 1.5
Minimum bandwidth requirement is 56 kb/sec

Mozilla Firefox 1.5
Minimum bandwidth requirement is 56 kb/sec

Mozilla 1.7
Minimum bandwidth requirement is 56 kb/sec

Plugins Required
Adobe Reader - free download
Adobe Flash Player 7 or higher - free download

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