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The Employment Development Department (EDD) encourages claimants to use EDD Web-CertSM because it is the fastest way to certify for UI benefits. EDD Web-CertSM is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Certifying online using EDD Web-CertSM eliminates mailing time, postage costs, and common errors made on the paper Continued Claim form (DE 4581) that cause a delay in benefit payments.

EDD Web-CertSM gives most claimants the additional option to certify online instead of sending in the paper Continued Claim Form (DE 4581). If the conditions below apply to you, you cannot use EDD Web-CertSM and must submit your paper Continued Claim Form. You must mail your paper Continued Claim Form for any weeks the following conditions exist:

  • There is an address or phone number change.
  • You have performed work and/or earned wages during any week of the certifying period.*

*Refer to the Fraud Prevention and Detection Activities for Work and Wages page for information on how to properly report work and wages to avoid disqualifications, overpayments that must be repaid, and penalties for committing fraud.

While most claimants will be able to use the online option, claimants participating in the following UI programs will not be able to certify online at this time:

  • California Training Benefits (CTB)
  • Apprenticeship Training
  • Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA)
  • Work Sharing Program (WS)
  • Partials Program, DE 2063
  • Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA)
  • State Special School Benefits (SSSB)

The EDD is currently working on system upgrades to expand EDD Web-CertSM options for claimants in the near future.

Reminder: Continued Claim Forms must be submitted within 14 days of the week ending date or the last payment date, whichever is later. Also, do not submit your Continued Claim Form before the latest week ending date shown. Submitting the certification early or late (over 14 days) may result in a delay or denial of UI benefits. The questions asked on EDD Web-CertSM are the same questions on the paper Continued Claim form. The paper claim form will continue to be issued to you, regardless of which certification method you use during a certification period. If you certify for benefits online using EDD Web-CertSM, you must maintain and keep a separate record of your work search for each week. You do not need to mail your work search each week to the EDD. You must maintain a record at home that is immediately available if the EDD asks for your work search information.

To certify using EDD Web-CertSM, you will be asked to register a user name and password. An e-mail address can be used as a user name. The EDD will never share your user name or e-mail address with any other agency or business, and no e-mails will be sent to you regarding your certification.

EDD Web-CertSM Tips

Before You Start
Registration Information
Account Information
Password Recovery Questions
Claim History
Completing the On-line Continued Claim Certification
Using Public Computers

Before You Start

Information you will need before beginning the EDD Web-CertSM process:

  • Your Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award (DE 429) – This was sent to you with your initial package from the EDD
  • Your Guide to Benefits and Employment Services (DE 1275) handbook – This was also sent to you with your initial package from the EDD
  • Your Continued Claim Form (DE 4581) for the week(s) you wish to claim benefits

Registration Information

You will be asked to register some personal and claim information. It is important that you remember your user name, your password, the security questions you chose, and the answers you provided. You can print the registration page and save it for your records.

  • The phone number you register needs to be the one on your Unemployment Insurance Claim Record. You are not required to enter the area code.
  • If you did not provide a phone number on your initial UI application, enter all zeros in the spaces provided.
  • The Weekly Benefit Amount is the amount listed on line 4 of the Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award, DE 429. Please enter your Weekly Benefit Amount as shown on your award letter. This is the amount you would receive if you were paid unemployment benefits for only one week, before deductions. Enter only the dollar portion.

Account Information

Choose your own user name that is a minimum of 8 characters in length. It can be any combination of letters, numbers, or special symbols. You may use an e-mail address as your user name.

  • The password you choose must be at least 8 characters in length and contain at least
    • one uppercase letter and
    • one lowercase letter and
    • one number and
    • one special character from this list only: ! @ # . $ ^ ( ) - _ |
  • Make sure you choose a user name and password that you can easily remember.

Password Recovery Questions

  • At registration, you will be asked to choose three security questions and supply the appropriate response. Each response you provide must be unique and at least 3 characters long. For example, you cannot answer each question with the word, “No.”
  • If you forget your password, cannot login, and are unable to recover your password with the security questions, you will need to submit a request to Ask EDD to reset your account. A response will be sent to you once your account has been reset. From the dropdown menu of the Ask EDD page, choose:
    • The category “Unemployment Insurance Benefits”
    • The sub-category “EDD Web-CertSM
    • The topic “EDD Web-Cert>SM Forgot Password or Username”

Claim History

  • You will only be able to certify for the weeks indicated as “Ready to File” on the Claim History page. It would be helpful to have your paper Continued Claim form with you for your reference.

Completing the On-line Continued Claim Certification

  • Do not use the Back button on your computer’s Internet browser. Navigate only by using the buttons on the EDD Web-CertSM page. Otherwise, the application will close and you will not be allowed to certify on-line for that certification period.
  • If you make a mistake, do not click “Refresh.” You will be given an opportunity to correct your mistake before submitting your responses. Once you click “Submit My Answers” or “Submit My Weekly Claim” you will not be able to change the answers up to that point.
  • Answer the questions only as they apply for the weeks indicated.
  • All answers require a response. Your claim will not be accepted until all questions have been answered.
  • Your claim has not been submitted until you are sent to the confirmation page that says, “You have successfully submitted your claim…”
  • Print a copy of the confirmation page and save it for your records.
  • To avoid delays in processing your certification, please do not mail in your paper Continued Claim form if you file using EDD Web-CertSM.

Using Public Computers (Job Centers, libraries, Internet cafés, etc.)

To ensure the security of your personal information, be sure to log out and close the browser when you are finished using your EDD Web-CertSM account.

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