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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

After You’ve Filed

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You should receive your claim materials within 10 days of filing your application for UI benefits. If there are any questions about your eligibility, Department staff will call employers as well as claimants to resolve eligibility issues. Usually, we contact an employer and the former employee to obtain information about the reasons the individual quit or was fired from work. In the case of a discharge, it is the employer's responsibility to prove that the former employee was fired for misconduct connected with work. In the case of a quit, the individual must show that he/she had good reason for quitting a job. For UI purposes, school employee claims have distinctive eligibility requirements.

Department staff conduct telephone interviews with employers and claimants to resolve other eligibility issues as well. For example, if an individual refused an offer of work, we will first decide if the work was suitable. If we find that the work offered was not suitable, the individual will not be disqualified from receiving benefits. If we find that the work offered was suitable, then the individual must show good cause for refusing suitable work. Refusing suitable work can result in a loss of benefits from 2 to 10 weeks. We will ask about payments from an employer that is for other than work performed because some types of payments will be subtracted from UI benefits. We must review a person's availability for work because claimants must be available for work and willing to accept work when offered. We will also verify whether the claimant is able to work.

How can employers be better prepared to provide information to Department interviewers?

A Department interviewer will call the telephone number that the employer or employer's agent entered on the Notice of Unemployment Insurance Claim Filed, DE 1101CZ, or other correspondence returned to us. Employers should be sure that the person shown as a contact is familiar with the details concerning the former employee's separation from work or other eligibility issues. The employer should also ensure that the contact has authority to release the information. Depending on the kind of information needed, the telephone call should be brief. However, follow-up calls may be necessary to resolve conflicts in information obtained. To help reduce unemployment insurance costs it is important that the employer:

How can claimants be better prepared to provide information to Department Interviewers?

The Department mails a notice of the time and date of a scheduled telephone interview to the claimant. The notice includes several questions that may be asked during the interview. The claimant should review the questions and gather all the records that may be needed for the interview. For example, a claimant will be asked to explain why he/she is no longer employed. Other issues that could come up during the interview may include efforts to look for work, ability to work and availability for work. It is important that claimants:

For more information about the questions we may ask during the telephone interview: