Certifying for Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits

After you have filed a UI claim, you must certify for benefits and meet eligibility requirements to receive benefit payments. This information can help guide you through the certification process and avoid common mistakes that may delay benefit payments.

Getting Started: Certifying for Benefits

Properly Reporting Information and Collecting Benefits

Related Forms and Publications

  • A Guide to Benefits and Employment Services (DE 1275A)
    This guide provides claimants detailed information and eligibility requirements for UI benefits. This is commonly referred to as the UI Handbook.
    DE 1275A - English    DE 1275A/C - Chinese    DE 1275A/S - Spanish    DE 1275A/V - Vietnamese
  • Unemployment Insurance Benefits: What You Need to Know (DE 1275B):
    This booklet was mailed to you after your UI claim was filed and will help you understand the claim process, when benefits are payable, and your responsibilities when certifying for benefits.
    DE 1275B - English    DE 1275B/CC - Chinese-Cantonese    DE 1275B/CM - Chinese-Mandarin
    DE 1275B/H - Hmong    DE 1275B/R - Russian    DE 1275B/S - Spanish
  • Step-By-Step Guide: How to Certify for Ongoing Unemployment Benefits (DE 1275C):
    Use this guide to help you answer the certification question and avoid some of the more common mistakes that cause a delay in UI benefit payments.
    DE 1275C - English    DE 1275C/A - Armenian    DE 1275C/CC - Chinese-Cantonese
    DE 1275C/CM - Chinese-Mandarin   DE 1275C/H - Hmong    DE 1275C/K - Korean    DE 1275C/P - Punjabi
    DE 1275C/R - Russian    DE 1275C/T - Tagalog    DE 1275C/S - Spanish    DE 1275C/V - Vietnamese

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