Access to California Jobs

Persons looking for work in California can find suitable jobs on the Internet in the California Job Openings Browse System (CalJOBSSM) or America’s Job Bank (AJB). If necessary, Job Service staff in EDD field locations will provide assistance in using the Internet systems, and can provide other job finding services.

Some of the jobs listed in CalJOBSSM and AJB were entered directly by the employer. These job openings include the employer’s name and have specific instructions on how to contact the employer and apply for the job. If you meet the employer’s qualifications, you should apply directly.

Listed jobs that do not identify the employer are available only through the EDD Job Service. Job seekers should follow the EDD contact instructions in the job listing.

Information on Legal Status and Authorization to Work

Federal law prohibits employers from hiring persons who are not in the United States legally or do not have authorization to work in the United States.

California state law prevents the EDD from providing employment services to persons who are not in the United States legally or do not have authorization to work in the United States.


"Legal status" means the person is legally entitled to live in the United States. Legal status can be:

  • permanent, as in the case of citizens, nationals, and permanent resident aliens, or
  • temporary, as is usually the case with students and tourists.

"Authorization to work" refers to the permission granted by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to legal temporary residents, allowing them to work while they are in the U.S.

California’s Legal Requirements

California law requires that, prior to providing a job referral, EDD review specified documents to verify a jobseeker’s legal status and authorization to work in the United States. The requirement applies to all applicants for EDD services, whether or not they are U.S. citizens or nationals, temporary or residents aliens, residing in or out of California.

Jobseekers living in or visiting California may visit any EDD Job Service location for verification of the legal status and authorization to work prior to referral to a job.

Job seekers from outside California will be required to submit:

  • photocopies of your documents (see the list below) with your signature and your Social Security number, and
  • the California job listing number as shown on the job listing.

Until this requirement is met, EDD staff cannot provide a job referral. If these required documents are not submitted, no further action will be taken.

Acceptable Documentation

EDD will accept the following documents to establish your legal status or authorization to work.

  • The combination of an original Social Security card and a state-issued driver’s license or state-issued identification card containing a photograph,
  • One document from the following list.

Birth Certificate:

  • Certified copy of a United States birth certificate issued in or by a city, county, or state vital statistics department.
  • Certified copy of a birth certificate from:
    • Puerto Rico, on or after January 13, 1941
    • Guam, on or after April 10, 1989
    • U.S. Virgin Islands, on or after January 17, 1917
    • Northern Marianas Islands after November 4, 1986
    • American Samoa
    • Swain’s Island
    • District of Columbia
  • Certificate of Birth Abroad (FS-545, DS-1350) or Report of Birth Abroad of U.S. Citizen (FS-240).
  • Certified copy of a Canadian birth certificate.
  • Proof of Indian Blood Degree issued by the federal government.

U.S. Military Identification Cards, unexpired:

  • for active duty, reserve, or retired military.
  • AF-447, A-447, MC-447, N-447 for dependents of reserve duty military.


  • United States passport (expired or unexpired).
  • Canadian passport (expired or unexpired).

Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Documents:

  • Employment Authorization Card (I-668A, I-668B, I-776).
  • Northern Marianas Card issued by INS (I-551).
  • American Indian Card issued by INS (I-551).
  • Citizenship Card (I-179. I-197).
  • Resident Alien Card (I-551).
  • Temporary Resident Identification Card (I-668).
  • Non-Resident Alien Canadian Border Crossing Card (I-885, I-586).
  • Record of Arrival and Departure stamped Refugee or Parolee (I-94).
  • Mexican Border Crossing Card (I-186 or I-586) with a valid I-94.
  • Record of Arrival and Departure (I-94) with a foreign passport.
  • Certificate of Naturalization (M-550, N-570).
  • Certificate of Citizenship (N-560, N-561).

Other Certification:

  • Certified order or judgment from a court of competent jurisdiction stating the true full name, date of birth, and that the applicant was born in the United States or U.S. territories, or whose presence in this country is authorized by federal law.
  • Certification provided by the California Youth Authority (CYA) or the California Department of Corrections (CDC) that verifies the applicant is legally present in the United States.

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