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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

UI OnlineSM View Appointments

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With UI OnlineSM, you may view scheduled appointments and reschedule a phone interview appointment without speaking to a representative.

If you have any scheduled appointments, you can view them on the Appointments section of the UI OnlineSM home page.

Reschedule a Phone Interview

To reschedule a phone interview, select the “Reschedule” button.

Next you will be directed to the Reschedule Phone Appointment page. In order to reschedule your phone interview you will need to provide a reason why you are rescheduling your phone appointment and provide an explanation as to why you are not available. Upon rescheduling, you will receive a confirmation of your rescheduled appointment with the new date and time.

Be sure to make note of your new appointment date and time.

Example of the Reschedule Phone Appointment page:

Resechedule Phone Appointment webpage.