State Disability Insurance Programs – Employer Overview

General information for employers and self-employed/independent contractors about Disability Insurance (DI), Paid Family Leave (PFL), Voluntary Plan, Workers’ Compensation, SDI Online, and the Disability Insurance Elective Coverage (DIEC) program.

SDI Online

Note: Employers are unable to submit PFL-related information using SDI Online. Employers should return the Notice of Paid Family Leave (PFL) Claim Filed (DE 2503F) by mail.

Employer General Information

Elective Coverage (Self-Employed/Independent Contractor)

Forms and Publications

Frequently Asked Questions

Last Revised: 3/1/2021

Register for Benefit Programs Online

Creating an account is an important step in this process. With Benefit Programs Online, you can apply for Disability Insurance (DI) and manage your claim in SDI Online.

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