Manage Your DI Claim with SDI Online

SDI Online provides customers with options to manage their Disability Insurance (DI) claims that are simple to use.

SDI Online is convenient and secure. The system reduces claim processing time, provides immediate electronic confirmation of forms submitted, decreases costs in paper and postage, and includes security safeguards to detect and manage fraud and abuse.

You can use SDI Online to:

  • File your new claim.
  • Check status on your claim.
  • Check for messages and forms to be submitted from EDD.
  • Submit available forms to continue your claim.
  • View forms submitted.
  • Manage or update your personal information:
    • Address (residence and/or mailing)
    • Communication method (email, US mail)
    • Language preference
    • Phone number
  • View your claim history
    • Available forms to submit
    • Forms history (previously submitted forms)
    • Payment history
    • Benefit details
    • Request claim update

Self-Service Options