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Los Angeles Basin Region

The Los Angeles Basin region is comprised of Los Angeles County.

Top Five Middle-Skill Occupations*

California map with table listing top-five middle-skill jobs in the region. If you need an alternative format to access this information, contact the EDD Equal Employment Opportunity Office at or call toll free 1-866-490-8879.

Current Job Advertisements for the Top Five Middle-Skill Occupations**

  • Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks: 1,312
  • Teacher Assistants: 394
  • Nursing Assistants: 584
  • Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers: 2,636
  • Medical Assistants: 659

**Most recent job listings as captured by The Conference Board Help Wanted Online during the 120-day period ending August 23, 2019.

Success Story

Sesar Juarez
Laboratory and Facilities Technician
Santa Monica/Los Angeles Basin Region

Hard work really does pay off. That was definitely the case for Sesar Juarez, who was accepted into and completed the Bio-Flex Pre-Apprenticeship Program developed by the South Bay Workforce Investment Board. Because of the training he received from the program, Juarez now has his dream job in the field he studied for—bioscience.

“It’s really cool that I get to pull from all the bits and pieces of knowledge that I gathered in college, and now apply it in an actual industry,” said Juarez.

The Bio-Flex program enables job seekers interested in bioscience like Juarez to work as paid interns with leading bioscience firms throughout the Los Angeles region.

Juarez completed 120 hours of paid work experience at Pasadena Bio Collaborative and additional training as a Biological Technician funded by Verdugo Workforce Development Board. Together, the work experience and the training program provided Juarez with the skills that led him to his current job as a Laboratory and Facilities Technician with the ag-tech firm, Provivi, Inc.

Located in Santa Monica, Provivi, Inc. is an emerging agricultural tech start-up company that uses insect pheromones to protect crops from pests through a natural process.

“Sesar’s been a model employee so far,” said Adam Baldwin, Director of HR and Operations for Provivi, Inc. “He works very hard, he has the right skills, he’s on a wonderful path, and we think he’s going to be a real crucial part of the company going forward.”

The bioscience industry is exploding with employment opportunities, especially in the Los Angeles Basin region where laboratory technicians are one of the top in-demand occupations, according to the Employment Development Department (EDD).

Bio-Flex leads to “good paying jobs in an industry that’s booming; that’s going to continue to boom; that’s going to bring so many benefits to the state of California and our local regions,” said Jan Vogel, CEO, South Bay Workforce Investment Board.

Apprenticeship is a proven way to connect employers and job seekers to a diverse future workforce. With assistance from a state workforce development system grant, the South Bay Workforce Investment Board was able to create Bio-Flex, an innovative pre-apprenticeship program designed to support a regional network of businesses ensuring that employment opportunities in bioscience are available to the community. 

As the hard work continues, Juarez looks forward to the future and the possibilities.

“It’s really exciting to know you are a part of it,” said Juarez. “I think especially when you’re in an entry level position when you get exposed to so many parts of the sciences, it kind of lets you choose which path you want to take further.”

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