Facts and Stats

Facts and Stats provides links to frequently requested EDD data, statistics, and general information about employment and job data (Labor Market Information Division), unemployment benefits (Unemployment Insurance), Paid Family Leave and disability benefits (State Disability Insurance), EDD employment programs and services, and payroll taxes.

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets provide an overview of EDD programs and services:

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Current Employment Data

The Labor Market Information Division (LMID) is the official source for California Labor Market Information. The LMID collects, analyzes, and publishes statistical data and reports on California’s labor force, industries, occupations, employment projections, and wages and other important labor market and economic data.

  • Unemployment Rate and Labor Force

    Page includes:
    • Official EDD Statewide Monthly News Release
    • California Employment Highlights By Month
    • California Labor Force and Industry Employment: Seasonally Adjusted | Not Seasonally Adjusted
    • California Labor Market Review
    • Industry Employment – Official Estimated: California, Counties, Metropolitan Areas
    • Online Job Advertisement Statistics: Statewide | Metropolitan Areas
  • Labor Market by County (County Interactive Map)


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