Total and Partial Unemployment TPU 110 - Fact Finding Guide

Corporate or Union Officer

  1. Is the claimant receiving compensation for his activities as director of a corporation?
  2. How much time is he spending in his duties as the director of the corporation?
  3. Does the claimant have a regular full-time job in addition to his job as director?
  4. Is the claimant the officer of the corporation that is responsible for determining if the corporation will operate or not? Is it the claimant who decides whether to pay himself or not?
  5. Is the claimant self-incorporated? If so, for what purpose? How is the claimant compensated? What services are performed? and, why is the corporation inactive?
  6. If the corporation is unable to operate, are the reasons temporary or seasonal in nature?
  7. Is the corporation insolvent or being dissolved?