Total and Partial Unemployment TPU 30 - Fact Finding Guide

Apprenticeship or Preparatory Services

A. Preparatory Service

  1. Is there a contract of hire, expressed or implied, between the claimant and the employer?
  2. Is the claimant being paid any "wages" while on this training courses If so, is it less or more than the weekly benefit amount?
  3. If no wages are payable, is the claimant performing a service for the employer? If so, how much time is spent in this service?
  4. If the claimant is attending a training course, is he being paid for this time?
  5. How much time is the claimant spending in the training course?

B. Apprenticeship

  1. Has the claimant signed a written "apprenticeship agreement"?
  2. How many hours a week is the claimant working and are his/her earnings XE?
  3. Has the claimant severed his relationship with the employer?