Total and Partial Unemployment TPU 80.15 - Fact Finding Guide

Leave of Absence or Vacation

  1. Has the employer-employee relationship been preserved by the leave?
  2. Is there a guarantee, or reasonable expectancy, on the part of the employer that there will be a job for the claimant at the end of the leave of absence?
  3. What are the conditions of maintaining the leave? Must the claimant report periodically? Must he present medical or other evidence that the leave is necessary?
  4. Has the claimant and the employer complied with the terms of the leave?
  5. What happens if the claimant accepts employment during the leave?
  6. Was the employment terminated during the leave? If so, by the employer or by the claimant?
  7. Is the claimant receiving any pay during the time of the leave? Is the claimant receiving any compensation from other employing units?