FAQs - Partial Claims

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Partial claims are for employees whose employers want to retain them when there is a lack of work. EDD provides employers with a Notice of Reduced Earnings, DE 2063 or a Notice of Reduced Earnings (Fisherperson), DE 2063F for employees in the fishing industry. The employer completes the DE 2063 or DE 2063F to certify that the employee is expected to return to work, and gives the form to their employees, who use the DE 2063 or DE 2063F to file a UI claim.

Employees who use the DE 2063 or DE 2063F to file for UI benefits are not required to look for new jobs because their employer has certified that there will be a job for them shortly. These employees are considered “partially unemployed.”

Claimants obtain the DE 2063 or DE 2063F from his or her employer.

Claimants can contact EDD to file a claim for partial UI. They should be prepared to provide the following:

  • Name and social security account number
  • Mailing and residence address (if different)
  • Telephone number
  • Last employer information, including:
    - Name, address (mailing and physical location) and telephone number
  • Information on all employers during the 18 months prior to claim filing claim, including:
    - Name, period of employment, wages earned and how paid
  • Driver's license or ID card number, if employee has either
  • Last date worked and the reason employee is no longer working
  • Citizenship status (which may include alien registration number)

If the Department needs to verify any of the information provided while filing a claim, additional forms will be sent by mail and additional information and/or documentation will be requested.