FAQs - Federal Shutdown

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A new budget agreement between the United States Congress and President Trump on February 15, 2019 allows for the federal government to continue operating and for federal employees to continue working and receiving pay. Barring any further developments, Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims many federal workers opened during the federal government shutdown that came to an end on January 25, 2019 will no longer be needed.

What’s Next?

Federal employees who applied for and received UI benefits to help them through the impacts of the shutdown should read the following important information about next steps for their UI claim and what to expect:

  • If you have received continued claim certifications to complete and submit to the EDD for benefit payments, do not submit the certifications.
  • Since the federal government has indicated you will receive back pay for the same time period in which you may have already collected UI benefits, you will need to repay the EDD for those benefits as soon as we send you a notice about a potential overpayment.
  • There is no need to contact the EDD at this time as your claim will automatically become inactive when you stop submitting your continued claim certifications.


Later this spring, the EDD will begin contacting federal employees who received benefit payments to inform them about the potential overpayment and requirement to repay the EDD. The overpayment may be waived if certain financial criteria is met.

The EDD will include the waiver form with the potential overpayment letter that will need to be completed and returned along with the employee’s gross weekly wage amount for each week during the shutdown.

If the EDD determines an overpayment was made, the employee will receive a separate notice indicating the amount to repay the EDD. The EDD will also work with these employees on the repayment, including setting up a repayment plan. Repayments of the benefits can be made by Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) debit, credit or debit card, or by mailing a check.