Public Records Request

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All public records of the Employment Development Department (EDD) subject to disclosure under the provisions of the California Public Records Act, Government Code Sections 6250 et seq., are open to inspection.

The EDD will make such records or information available for inspection during normal business hours. Under no circumstances may any original records be removed from any EDD office. The EDD will also provide a copy of identifiable public records upon request. There is no fee for the first 100 pages, and thereafter there is a ten cents ($0.10) per page charge for duplication. Cost for electronic copies will be ascertained separately.

Request for Public Records

Any person wishing to inspect or request a copy of EDD public records can contact EDD verbally or in writing as follows:

  • Submit a request online through Ask EDD. Select the category “Public Records Request,” and then select the appropriate topic, “Request to Inspect EDD Public Records at an EDD Location,” or “Request a Copy of EDD Public Records,” or,
  • Make a request to any EDD public office, or,
  • Mail the request to the EDD Information Security Office, MIC 33, P.O. Box 826880, Sacramento, CA 94280-0001.

Processing Requests

Within 10 days from the date the request is received, the EDD will determine if the disclosable public records are in the possession of the EDD and notify the requester of its determination. In unusual circumstances, EDD will notify the requester in writing of the reasons for delay in making such determination. The EDD may request additional information if the record requested is not specific enough to permit identification.

Public records in electronic form will be released in the format in which they are held unless otherwise prohibited. When the requested record exists in both hard copy and electronic form, the requester can choose the format in which the records will be provided. While the EDD will disclose identifiable and existing public records, the EDD is not required to synthesize, manufacture, or summarize records, (i.e., develop new records) in response to a request.

Exempt Records

The Legislature has established that certain categories of records may be exempt from public disclosure. These exemptions balance the public’s right to access public records against the individuals’ right of privacy and the need for government to competently perform its statutory duties. A list of statutory exemptions can be found in the California Public Records Act, Government Code Section 6254 and 6275.

If the EDD has declined to provide access to the records, the requester may seek injunctive or declarative relief in any court of competent jurisdiction to enforce the right to inspect or to receive a copy of any public record under the California Public Records Act, Government Code Section 6258.