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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Disability Insurance (DI) Automated Phone Information System

This information will help you use the State Disability Insurance (SDI) automated phone system. Before you dial our toll-free 800 numbers, please take time to review this information.

For Disability Insurance Claim and General Information

Special instructions or announcements may be played prior to the main menu. A brief description of menu items will then be provided. If you know the selection you want, you can press the number to bypass the main menu recording.

The Main Menu options are:

Your pay stub or W-2 reflects “VDI” contributions instead of “CA-SDI” contributions.

For information regarding PFL benefits, hang up and dial 1-877-238-4373.

Mondays (all day) and weekdays between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. are our busiest calling times. For faster service you can call outside of these hours.
At any time while using the automated phone system you may: