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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Experience Unlimited – For Job Seekers

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Are you a professional who is out of a job? Many motivated and highly qualified individuals who have unexpectedly found themselves out of work are networking through Experience Unlimited “job clubs” to find new employment opportunities. The Employment Development Department’s (EDD) Experience Unlimited services are available at select locations throughout the State. A wide range of professional, technical, and managerial job seekers participate in these voluntary, networking groups to lend one another job hunting assistance and direction. There are no fees for either job seekers or employers.

EU Resources: For Employers | Local Information |“Experience Unlimited” Job Search Associations Fact Sheet (PDF)

What is Experience Unlimited?

Provided at no fee, the program provides a place where job seekers can meet regularly with other career professionals to share job leads, provide support, and update their job search skills.

Resources include:

Who should become a member?

Any unemployed or underemployed person in a professional, managerial, or technical field, including:

Membership information

Experience Unlimited participation is self-directed. Members engage in job seeking activities under the general guidance of an EDD facilitator and actively seek job openings and interviews. During the search for work, members act as a networking and support group, providing advice and encouragement. All members begin by attending an orientation followed by a variety of workshops on such topics as job search training, résumé writing, and interview techniques.

Looking for work?

With the power of networking and great job search tools, Experience Unlimited will show you how to land the job that is right for you. Experience Unlimited:

Finding a job takes energy and determination

You are not alone. Since members are in similar situations, they can empathize and understand your issues.

Join us today!

We are eager to count you among our members. To find out more, contact your local chapter or your nearest America’s Job Center of CaliforniaSM for more information.