Phone Numbers

The phone numbers listed here can be called for Unemployment Insurance (UI) services. There are separate phone numbers for English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese speaking customers. A separate phone number is also available for customers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

If you are calling to file a claim, you must call by Friday to receive credit for the week.

UI Self-Service Phone Line

The UI Self-Service Phone Line provides the following services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in English and Spanish. This number should be used if you do not need to speak with a representative.

  • Get information on your last payment issued.
  • Certify for benefits using EDD Tele-CertSM.
  • Hear information on how to file a new UI claim or reopen an existing one.
  • Request duplicate 1099G tax information.
  • Find local America’s Job Center of CaliforniaSM locations.

Before placing your call, review Using the UI Self-Service Phone Line to learn about our menu options.

Note:  More comprehensive self-service options are available using the Internet with UI OnlineSM.

Automated Self-Service
Language Number
ENGLISH 1-866-333-4606
ESPAÑOL 1-866-333-4606

UI Phone Numbers by Language

EDD representatives are available by phone Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. to 12 noon (Pacific Time), except on California state holidays.

Phone Numbers by Language to Reach a Customer Service Representative
Language Number
  • Filing Claims
  • Payment Information
  • General Information
  • Presentación de Solicitudes
  • Información sobre su Pago
  • Información General
  • Nộp đơn xin
  • Thông tin về chi phiếu
  • Thông tin tổng quát

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Customers

Deaf and hard of hearing callers can contact the Employment Development Department (EDD) in two ways:

  • Directly (without using the California Relay Service): By teletypewriter (TTY) at 1-800-815-9387. The TTY is a telecommunications device for the deaf and hard of hearing; this phone number does not accept voice calls.
  • Indirectly: Through the California Relay Service. If calling via the California Relay Service. you must provide the EDD phone number to the California Relay Service operator (customers calling outside of California should use their state’s relay service).

We encourage deaf and hard of hearing callers to contact us by using 1-800-815-9387, the TTY toll-free number. This will put you in direct contact with an EDD customer service representative who can provide you with Unemployment Insurance services.