Tax Practitioners Information

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General Information

Audit and Collection Information

Top 10 Forms and Publications

Contacts for Electronic Filing, Registration, and Payment Methods

  • Pay taxes by major credit card at Official Payments Corporation or call 1-800-2PAY-TAX (1-800-272-9829)
  • Cash payments can be sent electronically from a convenient PayNearMe location and are subject to a $5.99 transaction fee.

Additional Contacts

  • Account Adjustments for Other Employers: 1-916-654-7600
  • Add or Delete Agent From Employer (Client) Accounts: 1-888-745-3886
  • Address Changes for SEF Employers: 1-916-653-5380
  • Address Changes for Other Employers: 1-916-654-7041; press 1, 4
  • Alternate Forms Coordinator: 1-916-255-0649
  • Benefit Charges Petitions: 1-916-653-7795
  • Charges to Reimbursable Employer Accounts: 1-916-653-5846
  • Counseling Services for Agents (Third Party Administrators): 1-916-654-7263
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): 1-916-654-9130
  • Employer Account Statement (DE 2176) for Other Employers: 1-916-654-7600
  • Employer Account Statement (DE 2176) for Reimbursable Employers: 1-916-653-5846
  • Employer Account Statement (DE 2176) for SEF Employers: 1-916-653-5380
  • Fraud Tip Hotline: 1-800-528-1783
  • Independent Contractor Reporting (ICR): 1-916-657-0529
  • Internet Independent Contractor Reporting (iICR): 1-888-745-3886
  • Internet New Employee Registry (iNER): 1-888-745-3886
  • New Employee Registry (NER): 1-916-657-0529
  • Overpayments: 1-916-654-7600
  • Power of Attorney: 1-916-654-7263 or 1-916-654-9170
  • Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages (Continuation) (DE 9C) Wage-Related Questions: 1-916-654-9018
  • Reinstated Employers: 1-888-745-3886
  • Reimbursable Employer Protest Letter Status: 1-916-653-5846
  • Reserve Account Transfers: 1-916-653-7795
  • SEF Employers: Registration for New/Reinstated and Account Adjustments: 1-916-653-5380
  • Tax Rate Information: 1-916-653-7795 or UI Rate Search
  • Taxpayer Advocate Office: 1-866-594-4177
  • UI Rate Petitions: 1-916-653-7795
  • Unity of Enterprise (UE) Changes for Vertical UE (Sole to Corporation, GP to Sole, etc.): 1-888-745-3886
  • Unity of Enterprise (UE) Changes for Horizontal UE (two or more businesses united by control, operation, and use): 1-888-745-3886

Other Links and Resources


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