Total and Partial Unemployment TPU 325 - Fact Finding Guide

Odd-Job or Subsidiary Work


  1. What kind of work is the claimant doing?
  2. What were the arrangements when the claimant took the job? Is the job to be permanent or temporary? Are the hours of work specified by the employer?
  3. Is there any expectancy of continuing with this employer?
  4. Is the claimant self-employed?
  5. Is there a contract of hire? Does the employer have the right of control over the manner in which the claimant Performs the work?

Subsidiary Work

  1. Is the claimant performing extra work in addition to his regular work?
  2. Is this extra work performed less than full time with compensation payable which is not XE?
  3. Is the claimant free to accept permanent full-time work? What happens to this extra job if the claimant obtains full-time work that interferes with the extra job?
  4. Is the claimant working on a voluntary basis without compensation? Is this what was agreed to at the time the claimant "as hired?" Is there any contract of hire?
  5. If the claimant is working on his own property, is he developing the property for profit?

Picket Duty

  1. How much time does the claimant spend on the picket line?
  2. How much time is the claimant required to spend on the picket line by the union?
  3. How much is the claimant paid for walking the picket line? How much will he receive if he/she does not walk the picket line the required number of hours?
  4. Does the union pay "welfare" payments regardless of any services performed by the claimant?