Timeliness Calculator

The Employment Development Department mails time sensitive documents to employers and claimants. A timely response to these documents is required. If a timely response is not received, in some cases, benefits may be denied or an employer's account may be charged for benefits paid.

If you experience difficulties with the Timeliness Calculator and you are using the Internet Explorer browser, download the latest version of Internet Explorer.

To use the Timeliness Calculator:

  1. Using the calendar, click on the mailing date of the document from which you wish to calculate timeliness (the current month and year will display with the current day highlighted).
  2. The date for 10, 15, 20 and 28-day timeliness will display to the right of the calendar. There is also a blank space for you to enter a date other than those listed above.
  3. Click ">>>" on the top right side to scroll to a future month.
  4. Click "<<<" on the top left side to scroll to a previous month.
  5. Click ">>>>" on the bottom right side to scroll to a future year.
  6. Click "<<<<" on the bottom left side to scroll to a previous year.
  7. Use the "Reset" button to return to the current month and year.

The Timeliness Calculator counts calendar days unless the 10th, 15th, 20th, 28th, or other day you enter falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or State holiday. When this occurs, the calculator skips these days and goes to the next business day.