Online Services

To improve communication and access to Voluntary Plan (VP) program services, the Employment Development Department’s (EDD) Voluntary Plan Group (VPG) has email addresses for employers and third party administrators to electronically submit plan applications and related documents to the EDD VPG. In addition, these email addresses can be used to submit questions and receive answers to issues, program policy, and procedures in regards to Voluntary Plan.

The EDD implemented an online claim filing system for State Disability Insurance (SDI), called SDI Online. You can process VP Disability Insurance or Paid Family Leave claims conveniently and securely using SDI Online.

To use SDI Online, you must first complete a one-time registration using Benefit Programs Online (BPO).

  1. Go to the Benefit Programs Online login page.
  2. Select Register to set up a new account.

For additional BPO registration information, watch the registration video (YouTube). BPO registration is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After you have registered in BPO, call the VP Group at 1-916-653-6839 to complete the registration process for SDI Online.

The following are the email addresses available for communications with the EDD VPG based on your needs: