Job Seekers/Individuals Frequently Asked Questions

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About Employment Development Department (EDD) Workforce Services

EDD Employment Services are California’s component of the federal/state public workforce service system. Our role is to connect job seekers with employers through the America’s Job Center of CaliforniaSM (AJCC).

Workforce Services programs are designed to help job seekers access employment, education, training and support services to succeed in the labor market. All job seekers including youth, veterans, people with disabilities, migrant and seasonal farmers, underemployed and unemployed can benefit from one of the many services offered.

Workforce Services programs offer career counselling, job skills training, job search training workshops, labor market information, and more. For most job seekers, the self-service job search using CalJOBSSM will meet their employment needs. Job seekers who are not familiar with computers can get assistance from the customer service staff in an America’s Job Center of CaliforniaSM (AJCC).

For job seekers whose career or occupational situation requires more than the self-service job search, the America’s Job Center of CaliforniaSM (AJCC) locations provide several employment assistance programs at no cost to help overcome barriers to finding a suitable job.

Finding a Job

Yes, EDD provides access to employer job listings and to other employment-related services provided by EDD and other local agencies. Job seekers can use the Internet-based CalJOBSSM to search a database of employer job listings, and can enter their own applications for employers to view. EDD’s job listings are also available in the national Job Central system, along with job openings from all other states.

The Internet is an excellent resource for jobs and employment information. EDD maintains CalJOBSSM, which has thousands of jobs listed by California employers. CalJOBSSM also enables job seekers to enter their résumés for review by employers who are looking for qualified workers. There is also a national Internet system, Job Central, which has employer job listings from all the states, including California. Many employers also have World Wide Web sites that include employment information. Use your favorite Web searcher. Often you can locate an employer on the Internet by entering the employer name between “http://www.” and “.com/”. For example, to locate Megamedia Incorporated, try entering “”

The Careers in California Government provides information about exams and civil service job openings with the State of California.

Forgotten Your CalJOBSSM Password?

Recovering your CalJOBSSM password is no problem. Just call our CalJOBSSM Customer Support Service Desk toll free at 1-800-758-0398 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. A representative will have you back on CalJOBSSM right away.

Moving out of California?

If you would like your CalJOBSSM account deactivated, email

For individuals currently receiving Unemployment Benefits, please be informed that deactivating your account could affect your benefits.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the responsible agency for collecting national labor market information. Information such as employment projections, unemployment rates, wages by area and occupation, and consumer information can be found here among other employment tools and data.

For job seekers seeking services outside of California, the following links allow to search for Job Centers by city, state, or ZIP code.

Other Job-Related Information

The California Department of Industrial Relations is responsible for all labor law issues, including the following: