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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

FAQs - Tax Forms and Publications

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Downloading and Printing

The forms are in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). You may need to download the free Adobe Reader to view and print linked documents.

You can download the free Adobe Reader from Adobe’s Web site.

Adobe has detailed instructions for many languages, platforms (e.g., Windows and Mac OS), and connection speeds on their site. It is a good idea to print those pages so you have the instructions handy while you install their software.

Go to Adobe Reader Support. You’ll find links to troubleshoot downloading, printing, and other problems. They also have a “Search” feature to find tutorials and troubleshooting information.

Alternate Forms

Employers and tax preparers may also file payroll tax reports using alternate forms printed on their own computers. Select the form link to view the print specifications for the DE 9PS, DE 9CPS, DE 34PS and the DE 542PS.

For additional information about alternate forms, contact the Alternate Forms Coordinator at 916-255-0649.

Fill-In Forms

  • Download the form that you want to use.
  • Open the form in Adobe Reader.
  • Place your cursor on a blank field, click, and begin to enter your data into the field (Note: The numbers will not line up with the boxes - this is okay).
  • Tab to the next field and enter all required data until the form is complete.

Important: If you are using the free Adobe Reader, you cannot save your data, so you will need to print a copy for your records and one to mail to the EDD.

Select the box or hit the space bar to check/uncheck the box.

You are probably using an older version of Adobe Reader. If you upgrade your Adobe Reader, the form should work correctly.

Increase the magnification of the form. The zoom button looks like a magnifying glass with a plus sign. Select the zoom, then on the form to enlarge it. Select the box you want to fill in, then continue tabbing to and filling in each box.


No. At present, the EDD scans the DE 88, DE 9, and DE 9C. The Internet form is an acceptable format; however, the red preprinted forms provided by the EDD are preferred to the Internet form. The EDD is determining the feasibility of providing forms via the Internet that can be scanned for users who print high volumes of the forms. Many users still would not be able to produce a scannable version of the form because it would be necessary to have printing equipment that could print with the appropriate ink.