Mass Layoffs & Wage Notices

A Wages Notice provides general information to EDD staff regarding separation status and payments received by employees at the time they become unemployed. The notice advises EDD staff as to whether the payments will affect the claimants’ unemployment insurance benefits. A Wages Notice reduces the number of calls to the employers and encourages consistent decisions from EDD staff concerning these payments.

The Department will issue a Wages Notice when all of the following criteria are met:

  • Definite or indefinite layoff, including reduction in force, closures, holiday/vacation shutdowns, etc.;
  • The layoff affects 10 or more employees;
  • The employer will pay the affected employees post–employment payments, other than severance pay, such as, in–lieu–of–notice pay, wage continuation, pension, bonuses, etc.

You may request that a Wages Notice be issued for your company by completing the Wages Notice Request forms that are appropriate for your situation. In some cases, if your company is paying different types of payments, you may need to complete more than one form. The completed forms may be faxed or mailed to the Department as noted in the instructions. For more information about the Wages Notice Request forms and completion instructions review the Forms and Publications section of this Web site.