The State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) is a secure and timely way for employers and third party administrators (TPAs) to electronically receive and respond to the Employment Development Department’s (EDD) Notice of Unemployment Insurance Claim Filed (DE 1101CZ).

The DE 1101CZ is sent when claimants file a new Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim, or when an existing UI claim is reopened. The EDD relies on employers to provide timely separation information to help determine claimant eligibility for benefits to accurately charge an employer’s UI reserve account.

Log into SIDES E-Response

Benefits and Features of SIDES:

  • Streamlines communication to improve timeliness.
  • Transmits confidential information securely.
  • Reduces errors common with paper forms.
  • Uses a standard industry format for all participating states.
  • Sends notifications faster, allowing more time to gather information.
  • Allows employers and TPAs to upload supporting documentation.
  • Saves time, administrative costs, and mailing expenses.
  • Reduces improper payments.

There are two options to participate in SIDES:

  • SIDES E-Response is designed for employers and TPAs with a lower volume of UI claims and does not require any special programming or software. Visit How to Subscribe to SIDES E-Response for more information.

  • SIDES Web Service is designed for employers and TPAs with a higher volume of UI claims or those who operate in multiple states. This option requires the employer or TPA to coordinate with the EDD and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) to implement special programming for a computer-to-computer interface. Visit How to Participate in SIDES Web Service for more information.

SIDES Technical Support

SIDES technical support provides customers with assistance such as registration, login, and other related technical issues.

SIDES technical support staff cannot assist with questions about other EDD employer services, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, or Paid Family Leave.