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The unemployment benefit calculator will provide you with an estimate of your weekly benefit amount, which can range from $40 to $450 per week. Once you submit your application, we will verify your eligibility and wage information to determine your weekly benefit amount. For more information, refer to How Unemployment Insurance Benefits Are Computed (PDF) or the Unemployment Insurance Benefit Table (PDF).

If you did not work at any time in the last 18 months and did not earn any wages, your estimated weekly benefit amount will be $0 because you did not earn enough wages during your base period to qualify for unemployment benefits. For more information, visit Eligibility Requirements. You do not need to apply.

To get started, gather your total wages from all employers for the last 18 months and follow the steps below.

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Why can I only choose a Sunday date?

A: Unemployment claims generally begin the Sunday of the week you first apply for benefits.