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Unemployment Insurance (UI) Data Dashboard

The EDD releases a weekly data dashboard to illustrate the continued demand for unemployment benefits during the pandemic. Visit Quick Stats for UI claims data by county, which is generally a month behind state data. Localized data will be posted when available.

Week Ending Date Total Applications Submitted
(Approximate UI Online applications received from unemployed workers)1
Total Claims Processed
(Approximate applications processed by the EDD)2
Total Benefits Paid
(Approximate combination of first benefit payments and continued claim biweekly payments)3
Individuals Claiming Benefits
(Expressed as four-week rolling totals to account for different biweekly payment cycles) 5,6
Reg. UI PUA Total Reg. UI PUA Total Reg. UI PUA PEUC4 Total Reg. UI PUA Total
June 27, 2020 91,769 104,847 196,616 279,341 101,660 381,001 $2.5 billion $1.3 billion $238 million $4 billion 3,412,000 764,000 4,176,0007
March 14 – June 20, 2020 4,587,164 1,141,106 5,728,270 5,761,136 939,147 6,700,283 $26.4 billion $6.1 billion $1 billion $33.5 billion 3,364,000 707,000 4,017,0008
Total for the last 16 weeks 4,678,933 1,245,953 5,924,886 6,040,477 1,040,807 7,081,284 $29 billion $7.3 billion $1.2 billion $37.5 billion  
  1. The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) was released in California on April 28, 2020.
  2. Claims processed through UI OnlineSM, along with about 5% of claims that arrive via paper or phone. This accounts for claims received in the current week as well as past weeks. The data also includes claims that are reopened when there is a break in certifying for benefits. For example, when the claimant may return to work but then later come back to collect benefits on their initial claim.
  3. Includes $600 federal stimulus payments the EDD adds to each week of regular UI/PUA/PEUC benefits. Regular UI benefits are paid out of California’s UI Trust Fund with contributions from employers. PUA, PEUC, and $600 federal stimulus payments are paid for by the federal government.
  4. For the week ending June 20, 2020, Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) total weeks claimed was 208,089. These claims are an extension of a regular UI claim.
  5. Counts include individuals claiming regular UI or PEUC benefits. If an individual claims a regular UI benefit and a PEUC benefit in a four-week rolling time period, they are only counted once.
  6. Four-week rolling totals accommodate for numerous variables that dictate what claimants receive benefits in any given biweekly period. Data excludes claimants were who fully employed, disqualified or had excessive earnings that would disqualify them for a week of benefits.
  7. Four-week running total between week ending June 6 and week ending June 27, 2020.
  8. Four-week running total between week ending May 30 and week ending June 20, 2020.