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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Help Us Fight Fraud

The JESF has a charge to investigate businesses that avoid paying payroll taxes, many of which are part of the underground economy. If you would like to help us protect workers and create a level playing field for business competition, the EDD offers several methods for reporting such businesses:

Call our toll-free hotline: 1–800–528–1783
Fax: 916–227–2772
Online: Submit a Fraud Reporting Form
Mail a UEO Lead Referral/Complaint Form, available in English (DE 660) and Spanish (DE 660/S/).

View the Help Us Fight Fraud booklet for more information.

You can elect to remain anonymous when providing information on businesses suspected of operating in the underground economy. Due to confidentiality constraints, JESF can never release information about the business or the investigation results.