California Training Benefits

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If you are an Unemployment Insurance (UI) customer, California Training Benefits (CTB) allows you to continue your education, upgrade your skills, or learn a new trade while receiving UI benefits.

Let the EDD know that you’re interested in CTB when you file your claim. If you’ve already filed your claim, contact EDD online, by phone, or in-person at the nearest America’s Job Center of CaliforniaSM.

To protect your potential right to a training extension (TE), contact UI to let us know that you are interested before your 16th week of benefit payments. If the maximum award of your claim is less than 16 weeks, you must contact us before your claim reaches a zero balance.

Note: We do not pay any educational or training-related expenses, including tuition, fees, books, supplies, or transportation. However, there are state, federal, and employer assistance programs that may fund your school or training. To learn more about the available types of financial aid programs, visit Federal Student Aid.


If you are approved for CTB, you will be excused from the requirements that you must be available for work, actively seek work, and accept work, while you complete your training. You may also be eligible for a TE which provides additional weeks of benefits while you complete your school or training.

Eligible Training Types

You can choose from a variety of eligible training types for CTB including:

  • Government organized trainings.
  • Union, trade association, or employer organized trainings.
  • Self-arranged training.

Report Your Training

You are required to report your start date during the week you begin your school or training. This allows us to begin the CTB approval process. To avoid payment delays, only report this one time.

Training Extension Benefits

If you ask about CTB before receiving your 16th week of regular UI benefits, or before your claim reaches a zero balance, you may be eligible for a training extension which can provide additional weeks of benefits.

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