Certify by Mail

If you choose to certify for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits by mail, you must sign and mail a properly completed Continued Claim Form (DE 4581) to the Employment Development Department (EDD). You will receive a Continued Claim form within 10 days of EDD processing your application or previous Continued Claim form for UI benefits. If you are determined initially eligible after filing your application for benefits and you meet all eligibility requirements on the Continued Claim form you return to us, a payment and a Continued Claim form for the subsequent week(s) are issued. Claim forms are submitted every two weeks.

Important: For faster processing of your certifications and to avoid mail delays, the EDD highly recommends that you submit your certifications online through UI OnlineSM or by phone through EDD Tele-CertSM at 1-866-333-4606.

For a sample of the Continued Claim Form (DE 4581):
DE 4581CTO - English | DE 4581CTO/A - Armenian | DE 4581CTO/CC - Chinese-Cantonese | DE 4581CTO/CM - Chiniese Mandarin | DE 4581CTO/H - Hmong | DE 4581CTO/K - Korean | DE 4581CTO/L - Laotian | DE 4581CTO/P - Punjabi | DE 4581CTO/R - Russian | DE 4581CTO/S - Spanish | DE 4581CTO/T - Tagalog | DE 4581CTO/V - Vietnamese

Submitting the Continued Claim Form by Mail

Follow the steps below when certifying by mail.

  1. Fill out the form: Fill out the form with blue or black ink. Mark the answers by completely filling in the box. Answer all questions for the week(s) on the form. Your form will NOT be processed if you fail to complete your form and a duplicate (reissued form) will be mailed to you for completion.
  2. Sign the form: Sign your name within the signature space provided. Your form will NOT be processed if you fail to sign the form and a duplicate (reissued) form will be mailed to you for completion..
  3. Mail the form: Put a stamp on the envelope and make sure the EDD mailing address appears in the window of the envelope. Mail the Continued Claim Form (DE 4581) on the date shown on the front of the claim form (above question 1) using the envelope provided. Certifying for benefits more than 14 days after the last week ending date of the certifying period or 14 days after your last payment date, whichever is later, may cause you to lose your benefits.

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